Jennifer Herr, DNP

2255 NW Shevlin Park Rd. Suite 150
Bend, OR 97703

Jennifer Herr was born and raised in Silverton, OR on the third-generation Herr family farm. She grew up working with her father, uncle, two brothers, and cousins managing and growing blueberries, grass seed, zucchini, green beans, strawberries, and corn. She is a graduate of the University of Portland School of Nursing. She worked for 10+ years as an RN in various fields including internal medicine, emergency medicine, and pediatrics. She completed her doctorate of nursing practice at OHSU and has practiced in diverse areas as an NP for over 5 years providing primary care to underserved populations in Portland, OR, and Perioperative Medicine for patients preparing for various complex surgeries including colorectal, hepatobiliary, cancer, orthopedic, spine, gynecologic, and urologic surgeries. Jennifer’s goal is to emphasize patient education and empowerment. Her ultimate goal as a provider is to assist patients to better understand their unique medical condition and advocate for them to reach their full potential and best possible quality of life.
Jennifer earned several awards for excellence in patient care in her work as an RN. Jennifer believes in the resilience and strength of the human spirit and is fully invested in providing holistic patient care to help patients reach their goals. She appreciates hearing a patient’s unique story and helping to facilitate the support and guidance to empower each patient on their journey to a fulfilling and healthy life. Jennifer’s practice interests include community health, gastroenterology, and geriatric medicine.

Her interests outside of healthcare include trail running, gardening, reading, and spending time with her husband and their new son. They enjoy hiking, swimming, camping, and taking their son and dog on adventures.